Whisper is a powerhouse. The inspiration for the name comes from two unrelated items. Whisper has a few white hairs on her forehead (thus the name whisper) However, her mom is "pushy" and it fits her. Her baby, Whisper will also be a steamroller on the move. How can you call a horse, Whisper, with such a pedigree. But I was reminded of the story of Elisha when he wanted to see God's glory. The wind came and the thunder and other big events, but God was not present in any of them. When God came, He came in a whisper. The power of God in a whisper. so her name stuck. Ten days before a horse show, we pulled Whisper out of the field and decided to take her to the show. To make a long story short, she won a blue ribbon in her class. This was the June 23rd show in Albany.
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